Saturday, March 24, 2018

A busy morning............

This is what I was doing from noon Thursday to noon yesterday.   A lot of fabric is on its way to the new owners.  If you didn't check out the pop-up shop, it is open for everyone now.  Click here to go to my website.  Pop-up shop is a link at the top to click on.
Later in the day a friend showed me a new layout for Hunter Star so I had to try it with my scrappy blocks.  I think this is the way I will make this one since I have a stack of squares already cut and only need to add some light ones.  This will just be a throw quilt.

Last night I just wanted a project to relax with so I sorted all of the 3.5" flannel squares that I cut a couple weeks ago and then grouped them into piles of 48.
I couldn't resist sewing the first one.  They will turn out a little under 18" x 24" when finished.  They will be donated by my church to the preemie ward at a nearby hospital.

Friday, March 23, 2018

My video has moved...............

Back in February my daughter sent me this screen shot from my grandson's (Zach Burkhart) Vimeo site.  It shows that my video has been viewed 20,400'm a movie star!  That is pretty exciting for little old me from a small town in the cornfields of Illinois.  Go here and here for my grandson's video business websites (business co-founded with Dominic Sansotta).  He does amazing creations for major big corporations as well as very impressive wedding videos.  I am honored that he did my video 6 years ago.  We didn't do a practice run.....he just said start talking.  He edited it and added music..........I am so impressed with his talent.

If you haven't seen my video it is available on my website now instead of on this blog.  Here is a link to the site.

Yesterday my website had visitors from every state in the US and 5 continents by 6:30 p.m.  Thank you everyone!!  This is amazing, this internet that connects all of us.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A little help for my friends...........

Today at noon EST my new pop-up shop will open with a password for everyone on the mailing list.  Everyone else can visit it starting tomorrow at noon EST without a password.  I know I have a lot of readers who admire my quilts made with batik fabrics.  Some of them are pictured above.  Some people call them scrap quilts but I don't necessarily use all scraps.  I do cut off yardage too because my favorite quilts are made with around 100 or more different fabrics.  All I need is a small amount of each fabric but I keep adding fabrics as I get bored with the assortment I start with.  Many of my readers also admire my stash.........and wish they had a great selection of batiks too.
That is how I came up with the idea to make this a reality for many of you.  I made stash builder packs of fat eighths (9" x 21-22") that are available in this pop-up shop.  That is a large enough piece to cut the pieces you need for a block.  So....I did the shopping for you, then washed all of the batiks with pure soap (no fragrance) and ironed them, then cut them into fat eighths and sorted them into groups.  I hope you enjoy shopping and will find a group that pleases you.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What have I been doing?............

You may have noticed I haven't been doing much sewing lately.  It is because my daughter and I have been working frantically to finalize details, take photos, write descriptions for a pop-up shop that will open tomorrow noon.  If you are on the mailing list you should get an email today telling you about it.

In the photo: my pale pink cactus is still going strong.  It has bloomed many times this winter.  Some of my other plants haven't bloomed at all so I am really thankful for this prolific bloomer.

I have one last bud opening on the orange cactus.  I won't give up hope though that some of the others might still set buds and bloom in April.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Still looking...........

I'm still looking for a box full of Kaffe triangles so I'm looking through many boxes.  One contained this assortment of 16 patches that I had been playing with in 2015.  Here is the post where I was trying them out alternating with a large Kaffe print.  I couldn't resist putting them up on the design wall one more time looking for inspiration.  I have purchased a lot of his newer prints since 2015 so I could play with a new variety.  There are some Martha Negley prints in these blocks too.

Spring officially starts somewhere around 11 a.m. today and it is cold.  I'm still waiting for the spring that has warmer temperatures.  We are going to be below normal all week.  I guess I have to be happy that it means there is more sewing time before yard work.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Family day...........

The two little great-grandsons entertained us again.  The littlest one is 1 1/2 years old.  His mom asked him if he wanted a Kringla and he looked up at me and smiled.  He knows where they come from.

I found some time to sew a fourth block with the Australian fabrics.  I made the first 3 in March 2014.  I just found the pieces for a 4th block in a box so I sewed it.  I was going to use the first 3 in a table runner but now I think I will use all 4 of these and try to do a medallion quilt.
I also looked for binding fabric for this quilt and I wanted it a little darker than the sashing.  I think this one looks pretty good.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Icy morning............

We had an icy mix overnight into yesterday morning.  This is the Forsythia outside my kitchen window.

When I went out to get my mail I saw the Goldmound Spirea bush was covered in ice too.  Our temperature was just at freezing overnight and then warmed into the morning.

It is pretty to look at and nice that it didn't last long.