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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another Australian fabric quilt..........

When I started cutting the Hunter Star quilt I mentioned that I was going to cut 2 or maybe 3 quilts at the same time with the Australian fabrics.  This is the second quilt I am contemplating.  The equilateral triangles will finish at 8" on a side.  The smaller triangles in 2 of the blocks are 4" finished and 4 of them sewn together are about 1/16" smaller than the big triangles.  I will have to sew with a tiny bit narrower seam allowance in them.  I have no idea how large this quilt will be since I could use more of the Australian fabric that I'm not using in Hunter Star.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Pressing, cutting.......

Here are 4 more combinations of the Australian fabrics for Hunter Star.   I spent quite a bit of time pressing the fabrics that I'm cutting for this quilt.  I have seen so many tutorial videos where the presenter lays wrinkled fabric on the mat and then proceeds to show cutting.  The only way to have accurately cut shapes is to have flat unwrinkled fabric.  The fold lines take awhile to press out but it is so necessary.

This is the next batch ready to cut.  They have to be layered all right side up for this die so after cutting the shape needed to cover the die, I then have to layer each pile correctly.  These 2 groups will make 32 more blocks to add to the 48 I have done.  They are 6" blocks so there will be lots more cutting.
Here is the first Hunter Star quilt top I made 2 years ago.  It has 96 blocks and was 48" x 72".  If I can stick with it I want to make the Australian fabric one a little larger.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

48 blocks........

I finally got busy yesterday and wound several bobbins and then sewed the 2 triangles into Hunter Star blocks.  There are 4 alike of each of them.  I also cut 8 more fabrics for more blocks.  Two people shared some Australian fabric scraps with me a couple years ago so some of them will be in the quilt.
The tall hostas are starting to bloom.  They are the lily type flowers that are so sweet smelling.  We finally got some rain yesterday so the plants are happy again.

When I bought the Dianthus plants I tried to get a really good variety.  The ones on the left are a totally different shape flower than all the rest.  It makes me wonder if they are really Dianthus.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Late summer plants...........

The cannas are now towering over the Coneflowers.  They look so pretty with the light coming through the leaves.

This hosta that starts out light green in the spring is almost white at the end of the season.

The Delphinium blooms are fully open now.  I hope we get the rain predicted today and tomorrow because the ground is dry and cracked.

The shaggy petaled Coneflowers are opening.

A friend came over yesterday and we laid out her blocks on my double design wall.  We also went through other fabrics for quilts that I am going to cut for her.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A sign......

I had a busy day yesterday finishing cutting and sewing the preemie layettes in the morning, sewing circle in the afternoon.  I was tired last night but decided I needed to start sewing the 2 triangles together that make the Hunter Star blocks.  When I ran out of bobbin thread on the third one I decided that was a sign that I needed to quit for the evening and go to bed at a decent time (before midnight).

On a totally different subject, this is post #3900.  That means there are a lot of old posts with a lot of quilt photos and tips.  The label list on the right sidebar will lead you to different topics.

Monday, August 14, 2017

More flowers...........

I'm still working on the preemie layettes so no sewing photos.

The Zinnias are finally filling in.  The shaggy variety has started blooming.  Some of the plants are only about 8" tall and others are more like 18".
This is an example of how the camera reads color.  Look at the difference between the photo above and this one, taken just a few seconds apart.  I think maybe the sun went behind a cloud but I think it is the majenta that threw the green color off.
I like all of the different shapes of zinnia blooms.

In the back garden the Coreopsis is starting to bloom again, mixed in with the Dianthus.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Another nice day...........

It was another beautiful low humidity day with a nice breeze so I mowed the lawn.  It had been 12 days since I last mowed because we haven't had rain.  The only sewing room activity was cutting the preemie gowns for Monday's sewing circle at church.  I cut three sizes and still need to cut all of the receiving blankets to go with them.  There is a link to the pattern in my Label list, right sidebar.
The last batches of perennials that I planted are doing well.  I didn't expect the Delphinium to bloom again since it had been cut back and was half price.  I hope it makes it through the winter.

The orange Coneflower with the shaggy center had a lot of little buds so I hoped they would bloom.  This one is just opening and another down below is just starting to open too.  Next to it is the Zebrina.  Behind it, the spotted leaves is the Lungwort/Pulmonaria.
The little Carnations are starting to re-bloom too.  This is the prettiest of the 3 so far.